"Flow visualization with neutrally buoyant bubbles is an extremely powerful tool for gaining insight into complex airflow phenomena."

Dr. D. E. Ordway, Past President and Founder

sage action, inc. Est. in 1968

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Manufacturers of Helium Bubble Generators and Specialized Lighting specifically designed to visualize airflow. SAI™ products will offer you some of the most powerful tools in the industry for gaining insight into complex flow phenomena. They will save valuable time in understanding what the air is actually doing and, subsequently, provide considerable assistance in interpretation of test data. In addition, quantitative flow velocity measurements can be made simultaneously with the use of our superior modulated lighting capabilities.


Both SAI™ Helium Bubble Generators And Specialized Lighting

Work together to provide a unique tool which produces neutrally buoyant, helium-filled bubbles of controlled size for visualizing complex airflow patterns. These bubbles have been used to trace airflow patterns at speeds from 0 to 200 fps. Since they follow the flow streamlines exactly, the bubbles rarely collide with any objects in the air stream. The bubbles are also extremely durable. As a result, for example, they will readily pass through axial fans and centrifugal blowers.

The motion of the bubbles in low-speed flows, that is, up to 30 fps, can be photographed or videotaped by means of conventional cameras with the use of a Specialized Lighting developed particularly to study airflow patterns. The SAI™ Universal Basic Light is a portable light source that provides a focused, well collimated beam of light of either circular or rectangular cross-section. For higher speeds, the SAI™ Modulated Arc Lamp and Optical Shroud provide more intense lighting as well as modulation for measuring velocities.

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Key Features:

Superior Tracing of Air Motions... The helium filled bubbles will follow complex laminar and turbulent airflows which cannot be traced by any other technique.

Ease of Operation... The SAI™ Helium Bubble Generator has been designed for ease and simplicity of operation in practically any location. Fine controls are provided to adjust bubble size, specific weight and rate of generation.

Instantaneous Velocities... Velocities throughout the entire flowfield may be obtained with the use of the SAI™ Modulated Arc Lamp as the light source.

Safe Operation... Nontoxic and non-corrosive constituents may be used at room temperature for clean and safe operation.

Quality of Construction... Superior components, designed and manufactured at our facility assure product reliability and durability.

Small Helium-Filled Bubbles Show What The Air Is Doing In A Big Way:
Sample pictures demonstrating the application SAI™ Helium-Filled Bubbles.
  • Air cooling of electronics systems

Sample videos demonstrating the SAI™ Helium-Filled Bubbles.
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Individual components that can be combined in any combination to create a "SAI™ Helium Bubble Generator System" to examine airflow on large or small scale:

SAI™ Helium Bubble Generator System in a "Mobile Configuration"*



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  the Auxilary Air & Helium Supply on a Rolling Stand

















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Chicagoland Sheet Metal Contractors Association / HVAC Test Setup

SAI™ specializes in research and development in fluid mechanics. Founded in 1968, the company has worked extensively for both Government agencies and private industry. One of our main thrusts has been in flow visualization. Besides the sale of our equipment, we have carried out the entire flow visualization part of the test program for some of our clients. This technical experience and expertise is also available to you.

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